Digimatic Caliper ''MyCal E-Z''

SERIES 500 — with Economical Design
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SERIES 500 — with Economical Design

• Large and clear LCD readout.
• Low price due to the design featuring only essential functions.
• ZERO/ABS key: Allows the display to be Zero-Set at any slider
position along the scale for incremental comparison
measurements. This switch will also allow
return to the absolute mode and display of the true
position from the origin point.

Technical Data
Display:                                                           LCD
Functions:                                                        Origin-Set, Zero-Set, power on/off, inch/mm conversion (inch/
                                                                         mm type only)
Battery:                                                            SR44 (1 pc.) (938882)
Battery life:                                                      Approx. 3.5 years under normal use
Maximum response speed:                          Unlimited
Alarm:                                                              Low voltage, scale contamination, counting value composition
Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C



RangeOrder No.ResolutionAccuracyMassRemarks
0 - 150mm500-1810.01mm±0.02mm162gWith depth measuring bar (blade)
0 - 200mm500-1820.01mm±0.02mm192gWith depth measuring bar (blade)
Excluding quantizing error
RangeOrder No.ResolutionAccuracyMassRemarks
0 - 6" (0 - 150mm)500-196.0005"/0.01mm±.0010".36 lbs.With depth measuring bar (blade)
0 - 8" (0 - 200mm)500-197.0005"/0.01mm±.0010".42 lbs.With depth measuring bar (blade)
0 - 12" (0 - 300mm)500-193.0005"/0.01mm±.0015".77 lbs.With depth measuring bar (blade)
*Provided with carbide-tipped jaws for OD measurement.Excluding quantizing error
**Provided with carbide-tipped jaws for OD & ID measurements.





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