Dial Test Indicators - SERIES 513 — Horizontal Type

SERIES 513 — Horizontal Type
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Description FEATURES
  • Performs easy and accurate measurement of narrow or recessed areas,
plus inside and outside diameters that dial indicators cannot access.
  • No-clutch structure for automatic reversal of measuring direction.
  • Resistant to water and dust thanks to the one-piece bezel and "crystal" design with O-ring.
  • The glare-free flat crystal face has a scratch-resistant coating.
  • High-sensitivity and quick-response because of jeweled bearings.
  • A carbide contact point is provided as standard.


GraduationRangeOrder No.Order No.Order No.Dial readingAccuracyMeasuring force

Basic unitBasic setFull set

0.01mm0.5mm513-424E513-424A513-424T0-25-05mm0.3N or less

513-414E513-414A513-414T0-25-010mm0.2N or less

513-466E0-25-05mm0.3N or less

0.8mm513-404E513-404A513-404T0-40-08mm0.3N or less

513-464E0-40-08mm0.3N or less

1mm513-415E513-415A513-415T0-50-010mm0.2N or less

1.5mm513-426E513-426A0-25-08mm0.4N or less


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