Auto loading durometer P1-A

Type A durometer for general rubbers (rubbers in the normal hardness range)

An auto loading durometer with our new high precision sensor, multi data indication system, and motor-driven constant loading mechanism essential for stable measurement.
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Simple operation
Enables hardness measurement with a single touch of a button. The results may be output to PC and dedicated printer.
Flexible joint
The flexible joint enables precise and reproducible hardness measurement, eliminating deviations.
Double slide shaft
With the double slide shaft, the measuring position may be kept even after the height of the up-down lift is changed.
Multi data
Multi-data (peak value, timer-hold value, real time value) indication enables multifaceted hardness measurement.
Sensor replacement
By replacing the sensor, hardness measurements in accordance with the respective standards of JIS, ISO, ASTM, etc. are possible. When replacing the sensor, it is necessary to replace the weight and flexible joint as well.
Application software
Equipped with application software for measurement.
·Starting and finishing of measurement
·Measurement of peak value and timer-hold value
·Data may be easily exported to Excel.

* Some technical information including the means by which the program can communicate shall be released.
* No PC is included with shipment (A connection cable is included).

Conforming standards

JIS K 6253
JIS K 7215
ASTM D 2240
ISO 7619
ISO 868
DIN 53505

Indentor design (mm) 2.50H 35°Truncated cone Φ0.79
Pressure foot size(mm) Outer diameter 18.0
Inner diameter 3.0
Loading method Coil spring
Spring load mN(g)
0 point 550(56)
100 point 8050(821)
Minimum readout value 0.1 point
Sensor's descent speed control Air damper
Adjustable height range (mm) 0-80
Multi data indication ·Peak value
· Timer-hold value (the timer may be set within the range of 0-15 seconds by the timer button on the unit)
·Real-time value
External output RS-232C(PC/printer switchable)
Power source AC100V 2A
Weight (kg) Approx. 18
Intended specimen type General rubbers, soft plastics

Outer dimensions (mm)

Optional devices
Printer (RS-232C I/F)


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